We are pleased to announce that the first product of ChainBridgeNetworkTeam—Doter (A browser extension wallet for Polkadot Eco) has been launched on the Google extension market. Here is the download portal.

1. What have we achieved?

Just a few days ago, we released the first version of Doter and successfully…

With the launch of Polkadot Parachain, the browser extension wallet, as an infrastructure, will play an important role in the interaction between Polkadot and parachain. However, the application market currently lacks an experience-friendly Polkadot browser extension wallet, so Doter came into being.

We are committed to building Doter into a…


#ChainBridgeNetwork is a trustless cross-chain digital asset custody network,Also building #Doter,the browser plugin wallet for @Polkadot & @Kusama Eco.

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