Come and experience Doter—the “MetaMask” in the Polkadot Eco

2 min readJun 16, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the first product of ChainBridgeNetworkTeam—Doter (A browser extension wallet for Polkadot Eco) has been launched on the Google extension market. Here is the download portal.

1. What have we achieved?

Just a few days ago, we released the first version of Doter and successfully completed the first milestone in our grant. In this version, we have implemented Polkadot-based receive, transfer, on-chain referendum, authorization, and signature modules.

2. What is the help for Polkadot ecology?

Through Doter, users can participate in the governance of the Polkadot network, and can also easily interact with the Polkadot ecology’s DApp webpage. It is as simple as using MetaMask in the Ethereum ecology, which greatly reduces the threshold for users to participate in the Polkadot ecology.

3. What is the future plan?

In the future, we will continue to iterate Doter to make it the most competitive wallet product.

Doter’s development team is ChainBridgeNetworkTeam. As the name suggests, our long-term vision is to be a bridge between different blockchains. We will use trust-free cross-chain asset custody and on-chain mapping to enable digital assets on different chains to be interoperable.

So far, we have developed at our own expense, but in order to have sufficient funds to support the realization of our long-term vision, we will try to obtain the support of investment institutions.

4. About us

We have a reliable team, the following is the team information

Please follow our official Twitter and follow us to experience the wonderful journey of web3.0.




#ChainBridgeNetwork is a trustless cross-chain digital asset custody network,Also building #Doter,the browser plugin wallet for @Polkadot & @Kusama Eco.